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Sensuali Amoris

Sensuali Amoris

Sensuali is a Malcubi Demon, the greatest of her kind, and mother of her species. And she is also revered as the Demon of Bliss. Through the Eons she has risen in stature, especially once she found a way to harness power from the Plane of Bliss. And there she created a realm for herself and her kind. As far as family is concerned she has spawned many sons and daughters, and sharing very special relationships with them. Her mortal name is Andrea Morales, though her friends just often call her “Sens” .

Sensuali stands 5'8” in height, and has a very voluptuous figure. Her eyes are the color of Red rubies which often sparkle or glow with a dim ember like quality. Her long hair is the darkest midnight, and is often styled thick and full. Her breasts generous in their size, soft, full, yet firm. They defy gravity with a sinful quality. Her waist thin comparably with her figure, but her hips round and curvaceous. Beckoning a view with a sexy saunter.

Knowledge & Abilities.
Sensuali has knowledge in Theological practices, because she has run a Temple of Bliss for as long as she has been around. Sensuali is skilled in homeopathic remedies for curing. Her knowledge in the Arcane is very extensive, and she is quite the adept. Which has earned her the rare title as an Abyssal lord, their power is unmatched save by other Abyssal lords from the Demon Plane. She has access to the energies from the Plane of Bliss where she now makes her home.

Her other skills include several sensual arts, such as massage, dancing, and seduction. She is also quite business savvy as can be seen in her mortal dealings, as the head of the famous adult magazine known as “Goddess” a subdivision of the Forbidden Adult Industry, run by her male counterpart Soren. Her mortal persona as Andrea, is known is the mortal world as a very successful porn star. Though now she is more into the business aspects.

Combat tactics include a more agile form of martial arts, and has incorporated dancing into it. Though she has a wide array of weapons use, and several Eons of combat training at her disposal.

Sensuali's mind and personality have been shaped over the past few centuries. She is a very open woman about her sexuality, and though she may have several lovers she does want someone to love on a more permanent basis. Her sexuality is centered on women, though at one time she shared herself with men and women equally. Eventually she became set in the pleasures of women alone. Sensuali is a sensate , hedonist, and an exhibitionist. She loves to show off her body and be in the spotlight, as can be seen by her recent job at the demonic club known as the pit. However do not take her predisposition for sexual encounters, as meaning she is a kinky or deviant person. She prefers more passionate and sensual experiences.

Special Abilities
  • Demonic Paths: Sensuali knows all demonic paths, and perhaps a few more not listed on this site. Demonic Protection, Demonic Strength, Poisonous Claws, Malleable Form, Empathic Manipulation, Pheromones, Soul Shaping, Hellfire, Quickness, Visionary, Torment, Soul Stealing.
  • Abyssal Lord: As a abyssal lord she is a Demon of Bliss. She has control over vast arcane forces within her areas of influence. One of these affects, is a constant aura of sensation. That heightens a persons sense of touch. When they are in physical contact with her.
  • Arcane Knowledge. As a priestess in her earlier life, her magic centers around very ancient forms. That most cultures are not used to seeing. Her master of this art, allows her to do things others could not do. Which includes traveling to other dimensions and times, to meet new exciting people with who she can share pleasure with.

Magical Artifacts
  • Soul Blades: At one point Sensuali had two lovers that were killed machinations of a rival demon house. When she found out they were assassinated, she was crushed at the loss. She tore the assassins soul apart, and used it to forge these deadly blades from it. She then hunted down the souls of her lovers, and stored them into the two ruby soul stones that are set in the pommel. At one point her soul blades were fashioned as daggers, with armor penetrating qualities which secret a deadly poison. They also had the ability to attack on their own power. Recently the blades were incorporated into gauntlets from which she could extend long serrated blades which look like claws.
  • Demoplasm: Sensuali developed this by adapting upon the birthing chambers, which creates a symbiotic plasma which is composed of hell forged demonic souls. It adapts to a wearer, granting enhanced endurance. Its symbiotic nature, allows it to shape itself into any clothes the owner might desire. Providing protection, and limited healing abilities when needed (by sealing cuts and wounds with itself). This symbiotic liquid which covers her, seems sentient and partially alive. And can react at the speed of thought. This dual nature grants her additional abilities, such as a heightened agility and endurance. The ability to leap great distances or even climb on any angled surface.

Minions and Followers
The Sisters of Ecstasy, is composed of an elite group of women specially picked out by Sensuali. They have been trained in the arts of combat, magic, and have generally come from the priesthood (though this is not always the case) which worships Sensuali as a patron of Bliss. They still serve their usual functions, but they are the only ones who get the pleasure of being with the goddess, and sharing illiaster (sexual energy) with her. Each one of these women basically are Sensuali's personal body guards, and are considered Elitists. Each one bears the mark of Sensuali, a red tattoo somewhere on their body of a pair of two red lips. Parted by a tongue against the upper lip. This mark is magical, and grants each woman a number of beneficial abilities. The longer a woman remains a sister, the more she turns into a Malcubi demon.
  • Radiant Halo: Each Radiant sister's head is surrounded by a halo that matches the sister's hair color, a manifestation and link and loyalty to Sensuali The radiant sister can change the intensity of the illumination it provides from a faint glow to a bright illumination. Should a sister wish it to, she can concentrate the light on one foe. And attempt to permanently blind her opponent.
  • Ecstasy's Gift: A sister can embrace a willing or helpless creature, and grant them a boost to their natural charm and persuasiveness, as well as a minor luck bonus. The radiant sister's name manifests as a tattoo in abyssal on that creature's body. The radiant sister can also monitor that creatures condition and location, and communicate telepathically with the radiant sister. This ability is quite similar to the gift Sensuali has placed on them, though this gift lasts for the duration of the sister's life time. So Sensuali can monitor, and speak telepathically with them.
  • Temptation's Gift: As long as a radiant sister wears no armor, they can a bonus to their charisma checks against other female creatures. As well as increasing the difficulty of those spells she uses against other women.

Character Background
There was a time, when demons (the fallen) were called angels (The risen). And they flew across the celestial heavens doing the will of the Magnor pantheon. But when the gods created man, and all the other races upon the earth of Magnor. It was their job of the Angels to keep and take care of their progeny, to guide them on a true path. But in the hubris of several angels, their over confidence grew, and they took it upon themselves to teach the mortal races things which the gods did not want them to know. And because of that sin, many were cast down into the Abyss to become the fallen. The first of the demons, among one of these was an Angel known as Sensuali.

When Sensuali fell to the Abyss, she became one of the fallen. Her beauty did not change much, though the energies of the Abyss twisted her, she became even more exotic. Growing the horns, wings, and tails attributed to most of her kind. She became the mother of the Malcubi demon race, which is parent race for the more lesser demons known as Succubi and Incubi. With her , another fallen , named Soren joined her. And they created their species. The Malcubi have always been known as creatures of passion and bliss.

After the creation of the Birthing Pits, the First generation were born. It was a joyous golden age for the Malcubi race, their popularity grew among many of the Demon houses in the Abyss. And soon the Malcubi became known as favored Courtesans or spies. It was many centuries later that the power of Sensuali and Soren grew, and they achieved the status as Abyssal lords. It brought the Malcubi much prestige and envy from the other houses. Both of them grew restless in their relationship. So they separated and began to explore and taste all the pleasures that Malcubi could experience .However constant turmoil with the other Demon families, forced the Malcubi to leave and with the abyssal power of the two, they tapped into the Plane of Bliss and created a pocket dimension for themselves called Elysia.

After so much time, Sensuali eventually grew bored with her time in Elysia. So she began to explore other realms and dimensions of existence. In her time she found a realm to her liking called Marakesh, a city of splendor and wonder, located in a alternate future world of Magnor. Where magic, and science blended into a universe very similar to freedom city though it is one century ahead of its time by our own standards. An entirely new world had opened up for her, she become a model, and an adult video star. This opened up a new world of sensation for her, which she has greedily aspired to.

Her plans include creating a perfume line which is a distilled version of her own pheromones. Which could bring even more people under her sway and control. The start of a new temple of pleasure has begun in Marakesh, so that a second base of power is available to her and Soren.

Roleplay Likes & Dislikes

This is my OOC profile and my Character Database for easy perusal. As a general rule, I don't normally PM or MSG someone, I have never RP'd with before. I usually wait for someone to Msg Me. It's just the way I am. And maybe that means I miss out on Opportunities. Oh well.  Now lets get to the Good Stuff, my likes and dislikes. And most importantly I generally tend to do more sexual/erotic roleplay than I do story. 

  • Para Roleplay. I do prefer my partners to be able to perform at the Para level, at least at a miminum. Well written and detailed erotica is very much prefered. And a knowledge of punctuation wouldn't hurt either. This is the first thing that will turn me off. 
  • Lesbianism/Futas. Generally I define this, as female on female. And that is the rule. However on Ocassion I have been known to play a She-male/futa based character, if desired. But I need to be in the mood for this, and that does not mean I like being with other she-male/futa characters. I do not like the act of penetration. 
  • OOC'ism/Seperating Reality. As a rule I do not "go into" my real life here. I seperate my RP life from the Real Life. Don't assume anything about me please, you don't know anything, unless I trust you with that information. This Includes my Instant messenger addy, so please don't ask.  I have NO problems what so ever with guys who play girls, especially if they are good at it. 
  • Maturity/Age Play. I will say this, I am in my later thirties/early fourties. So I am looking for a level of maturity from others. I do not do age play, unless both characters are young. And 16 is my lowest limit. I am not looking to teach/train characters unless I have agreed to do so. 
  • Sensuality/Pervsion. As far as my fetishes/Kinks go, there's my F list please read. But I cannot stress this enough, I prefer sensuality and passion, over being kinky and disturbing.  I don't do animals and furry based characters, I don't in general transform (unless specified), I don't ABSORB!, I don't do vampires, and I definetly don't do guys and other Futas (unless i agree, and this never includes the act of penetration). 
  • Dom/Sub/Switch? I hate this generic classification that people place on a sex. This is not the end all of sexual demeanor. I prefer the term Agressive. Most of my characters are very agressive, unless stated otherwise. I prefer equal partnership. I do not do BDSM in any variation, save for my character Navinye (please see below). However I will agree to a TRUE Dom/Sub relationship, if you would like to know more about what this means. Please feel free to IM/PM me. 


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